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  • Asset Based Lending: fuelling growth

    Published Date: 19/11/2014

    Our specialist teams have in-depth experience of providing Asset Based Lending (ABL) and provide through-the-cycle support. Here, we answer some topical questions about this flexible form of funding.

  • 2014 trends for the recruitment industry

    Published Date: 14/07/2014

    Technological innovation and an appetite for immediate response have already started to shape the recruitment climate. Here are a few trends that might influence the industry this year.

  • A guide to growing your recruitment business

    Published Date: 08/07/2014

    With vacancy numbers increasing at the fastest rate since 1998, recruitment firms may consider expanding into different niches or geographical markets. Our quick reference guide discusses considerations for growing your recruitment business.

  • Top 10 Tips to keep your cashflow healthy

    Published Date: 08/07/2014

    Top ten tips to keep a start-up’s cashflow healthy

  • Working capital for diversification

    Published Date: 07/07/2014

    “I own a small business and feel now is the time to invest in and diversify the company. However, I am conscious of putting pressure on cashflow while market conditions remain tough. How can I make the investments I need without draining working capital?”

  • Opening up funding opportunities

    Published Date: 09/05/2014

    As recovery takes hold, businesses are increasingly looking at non-traditional types of funding to finance growth. Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Managing Director of Client Delivery, Donald Kerr, discusses this trend and how the Bank is responding.

  • A new look at finance

    Published Date: 04/02/2014

    The start of a new year is a great time to spring clean your business, creating a sleek and efficient company that’s in a strong position to make the most of opportunities in the months ahead.

  • New Year new plans

    Published Date: 31/01/2014

    Clear signs of recovery, predicted economic growth of 2.5% in 2014 and rising business confidence, mean that many businesses are looking to the New Year as a fresh start.

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Showing 1 through 8 of 8 results

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